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August 4, 2016by Adegbe Ogbeh0

face10_face10_646966390_10153831604336391                      First blog post and we are buzzing. Rydefit was born out of a love of spinning, inadequate spinning facilities, boredom and of course what we believe is a genuine business opportunity.

Why Rydefit? Well cause SpinCity as a business name was taken. By a laundry (insert mild laughter). So we went back into our beautiful minds and behold… Rydefit was born. Originally called Ryde… we felt it needed a kick and voila we made it Rydefit.

So introductions aside we set about researching bikes (who knew Chwinns were the Ferraris of the indoor cycling world!? 2300 USD per bike…. eh… NO!), dived deep into market leaders and everything we could possible soak up about spinning. It’s one thing to love spinning and another thing entirely to start your own studio. Weeks spent understanding (or so we think!) how different brands developed their styles and more importantly seeking our own way in the constantly spinning world of eh… Spinning! (see what I did there!)

So we did the easiest thing first. Got a logo…. very nice if we say so ourselves. Decided to start with spinner bikes (it’s not the price we swear! ) then an amazing stroke of fortune… a friend of Rydefit mentioned he’d seen a location that ‘might’ be good for us. He was dead wrong! It was PERFECT!

We went in. Closed the rent. Set about setting up.

So that’s where we are. Bikes inbound. Setup moving quickly.  Templates in place and pre publicity buzzing!

So like everything new, our time in the sun is coming. Let’s see how bright we shine.

This is your captain speaking. Over and out!

We spin as ONE! Awuuuuuuuuuuu!

Adegbe Ogbeh

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