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October 16, 2016by Adegbe Ogbeh0

So… we had our first aerobics class last week.

I’ll write that again. We had our first aerobics class last week.

From thought to execution; we had our first class.

Was it the first class I wanted? Not exactly. I always thought that would be spinning but as you can tell the bikes haven’t arrived yet so we decided to get some sweat on the floor and since the aerobics room is ready. Why not.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur so my excitement/joy could roughly be measured at 6 out of 10. Note I said seasoned not jaded. In the seasoning of me I’ve learnt that it’s all possible so I didn’t go bright eyed and bushy tailed to the first class. I went looking for glitches and mistakes with a clear head and just enough excitement so the team see’s what we have to do. What we have to build. People often forget that the longer and more important word in ‘show business’…. is business.

Anyways I digress. So our class was in partnership with body by sese. A certified fitness instructor who we plan to work with for a long time because in the new world everyone has a good idea so you have to differentiate yourself… in execution.

The class was focused on core exercises and we wanted to test the sound system, spacing, air conditioning. In all this we wouldn’t have yet be able to test the sign in process or after sales of water/fitness supplements etc etc.

Best part about the entire class. She had no complaints. Not one. Oh well except one 🙂 we didn’t have the baskets for dirty towels after class. I found that truly funny because for all our attention to detail we missed that completely. Needless to say the baskets are in place. Colour coordinated and ready for all the dirty towels to come.

So in conclusion.. we had our first class and we are very proud. I often say ‘we’ because unless you’re a stuntman, author or a musician most successful businesses are a group effort. From the person at the gate all the way up.

We have hundreds of classes to go, heights to achieve and failures to manage.

Next stop… spinning. The heart of rydefit and the thing we want to build. I can’t wait to share the video and if your aren’t already following us; please do across social media. We are everywhere @rydefit.

We are here to push everyone that loves indoor cycling and wants to ryde in an exciting, safe environment with competition and perfection as our mandate. This is not your grandads spin class. This is Rydefit….

What’s is our profession? AWUUUUUUUUUU!

Adegbe Ogbeh

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