One Month. No Soda! (thats fanta and coke to us)

February 1, 2017by dinidangerfield0

Guest post alert!

The hits just keep on coming. Check out our guest post by resident health coach Abimbola Omobunde


We know there are a lot of people who struggle personally with soda addictions and it is very challenging to quit. So for one month Rydefit is challenging you to eliminate soda from your life, all soda including DIET soda. Soda contains loads of refined sugar, empty calories, artificial sweeteners and preservatives and all these jeopardize one’s health.

This challenge is done to support you to better health and is not mandatory. So join because you want to, not because you have to. Do the challenge for yourself and we will provide support, motivation, and accountability along the way.
So starting from February 1st, join our community and challenge yourself to a step closer to better health. Share your experiences, challenges, and triumphs with us.

Adebimbola Omonbude
Holistic health and wellness coach (Certified)


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