Why Spin?

March 3, 2017by dinidangerfield0

Been  minute. or a month! Its all a blur really.

So. Why spin? Johnny Goldberg   invented spinning  because he wanted to train in the off season from cycling. Little did he know he would spawn an entire industry , brands, a completely different way to work out and ensure dead thighs for another 30 odd years.

We spin because we love it, because on that bike and in that room its a battle, because from the first breathless class we know we’ve found our workout.

First we battle our bodies:  resisting this enforced labour , the unbelievable instructions, the fatigue from the tips of your toes to the sweat from your brow. Your heart hammering in your chest as you realise just how unfit you are.
Then we battle the person next to us in class because thats how we are … the moment we gain control over the bike we start to compete with our peers; looking to showoff our new found skill and endurance. Thats just how we are.
The we battle the instructor, that exact class when its all over and you start stretching and realise…. hmmmmm I’m not as tired as usual. I kept up. In fact I’m much better that 6 weeks ago when i started.Hmmmm you say to yourself.

Spinning is many parts an athletic endeavour, religious out of body experience , victorious physical accomplishment and mostly an incredibly effective workout.

Between the specially designed bikes, certified instructors , dim class lights, scented candles and booming music ; once you start you cant stop and ultimately thats what makes spinning incredible. You handover control for 60 minutes and there are no real breaks, no time for chit chat. Its both hard and easy. Its hard when you start but its easy because you are not in control ; you simply follow instructions ( hang on for dear life) and then…
its over.
See you tomorrow.. if you’re brave enough, if you want it enough.

At Rydefit we say “kill the bike’ cause the bike CANT kill you but if you want it bad enough you CAN kill the bike. If you truly want to lose some weight, improve your cardio, sleep patterns, challenge your body and just be an over all champion then spinning is for you.

Will your bum hurt to start? Absolutely. Will your legs turn to rubber the during the first few classes? Yes, absolute rubber bands. Is it normal to be afraid of the class because you haven’t done it before? Of course it is. We are all human.

Nothing great was ever accomplished easily and if you want THAT workout in THAT studio then we are here for you. If you’re not still not sure then come and have a look. Its still free the last time i checked ( wait i may have to check with accounts again if its still free to watch for a few minutes!)

So PREPARE YOURSELF and join us. 16 classes a week adding up to 64 classes a month so you’re  spoilt for choice

So see you in class and remember



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