The 700 Club

November 8, 2017by Adegbe Ogbeh0

It’s been a minute and a half. So many classes later with lots of ups and a few downs (no I’m not talking about jumps!) Rydefit is well and truly in its stride.

I want to veer a little bit from talking about spinning or indoor cycling, as the purists like to call it and focus on building a brand. The word brand is preponderant in business and often abused. Too easy to say and very difficult to capture most businesses don’t have a brand; they just have a business.

In the new world attention is in short supply. Your clients; existing and potential are bombarded with new and shiny objects every second and your business is competing with forces you can’t even imagine. So how do you stand out? More importantly how did we at Rydefit start our own business/brand and how did we define it.

First off we wanted to be cool. It was critical for us to be a cool place, a cool name with cool people…..(whatever that means!) If you know anything about cool, you know its often something that happens by accident so setting out to be cool is a near impossible task!

So we got a logo designed, rented a place, ordered bikes and you know the rest of the story. The real trick for us was crafting our story; pulling clients in and making sure the experience before, during and after remained true to the promise made. Designing our social media content was critical because everyone would see that before they saw us.

700 classes later and we can safely say we’ve done one thing; we don’t have to introduce ourselves anymore. Well…… put it better we don’t have to introduce ourselves as much anymore. As we push for 1000 completed classes we found that we’ve done the one thing we really didn’t plan on; we built a community and that community is our brand.

Friendships have been formed and ownership of Rydefit taken by our clients. This is their studio, their sanctuary. Spinning is a hearts and minds sport and their hearts and minds are here.

You cannot tell the end from the start and all the business plans in the world cannot build a brand. It is built deliberately with a sprinkling of error and a great deal of effort. We are extremely proud of what we are doing and even now we can tell you we will cross 10,000 classes whenever that may be and even then we will still be building our brand.

As always; see you in class!


Adegbe Ogbeh

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