November 8, 2017

It’s been a minute and a half. So many classes later with lots of ups and a few downs (no I’m not talking about jumps!) Rydefit is well and truly in its stride.

I want to veer a little bit from talking about spinning or indoor cycling, as the purists like to call it and focus on building a brand. The word brand is preponderant in business and often abused. Too easy to say and very difficult to capture most businesses don’t have a brand; they just have a business.

In the new world attention is in short supply. Your clients; existing and potential are bombarded with new and shiny objects every second and your business is competing with forces you can’t even imagine. So how do you stand out? More importantly how did we at Rydefit start our own business/brand and how did we define it.

First off we wanted to be cool. It was critical for us to be a cool place, a cool name with cool people…..(whatever that means!) If you know anything about cool, you know its often something that happens by accident so setting out to be cool is a near impossible task!

So we got a logo designed, rented a place, ordered bikes and you know the rest of the story. The real trick for us was crafting our story; pulling clients in and making sure the experience before, during and after remained true to the promise made. Designing our social media content was critical because everyone would see that before they saw us.

700 classes later and we can safely say we’ve done one thing; we don’t have to introduce ourselves anymore. Well…… put it better we don’t have to introduce ourselves as much anymore. As we push for 1000 completed classes we found that we’ve done the one thing we really didn’t plan on; we built a community and that community is our brand.

Friendships have been formed and ownership of Rydefit taken by our clients. This is their studio, their sanctuary. Spinning is a hearts and minds sport and their hearts and minds are here.

You cannot tell the end from the start and all the business plans in the world cannot build a brand. It is built deliberately with a sprinkling of error and a great deal of effort. We are extremely proud of what we are doing and even now we can tell you we will cross 10,000 classes whenever that may be and even then we will still be building our brand.

As always; see you in class!


January 24, 2017

The video that made it all happen!

Life is as never as planned as you want it and often moments of serendipity creep in and perfect those plans ( I know! that barely made any sense to me too)

So we set January 14th 2017 as our launch date and said come rain or shine (or dust cause Abuja was still caught in the throes of harmattan) we would go live. I am really lucky in that sense, i rarely hesitate to pull the trigger and while its often caused me major discomfort i have learnt to trust my gut and just go for it.

In the weeks leading up to launch i kept getting this 45 second video of a spin class somewhere in America with gyrating ladies and some serious Caribbean /Afropop beats. I kid you not i must have gotten at least 25+ sends. Everywhere from facebook to whatsapp. Which told me two things.

  1. People knew Rydefit was coming (sounds like a really cool movie) and wanted to send something that related to the idea.
  2. They knew Rydefit was coming from me/us

So what next? Very quickly we decided to make our own video. Make it slick and cool and put it out there. Consulted the mrs, got a few names and boom we had a price (very high until i made a firm offer and said I’d pay 100% upfront, probably still got hit hard but you can’t win em all!). Got our lead trainer ‘Jay’ in his shiny new Rydefit tshirt, assembled a host of models and started shooting. Anyone who has ever been involved with these things will tell you that a mental plan doesn’t always translate to film but 3 hours later we were done. I was very clear that i needed the video out before Friday the 13th as we would release at midnight for the Saturday launch ( thats right i was feeling pretty tight with myself like it was some magic music video we just made and we would ‘drop’ at midnight! Suck on that rappers and music giants of the world!)

So around 8pm or so….. J billions ( you have to admit the guy took time to name himself) sent me the clip and writes ; Boss, i hope you like it.

So let me say for the umpteenth time. I absolutely loved it. Delivere dunder 60 seconds and selling the service perfectly.  Super slick and most of it created by him and not me. Learn to trust experts in their field, somewhere somehow it pays off.

We let the video out into the wild.

The rest is history. some 30k+ views later combined on various pages across Instagram. people we didn’t ask put it on their pages and tagged us. Instagram is king and we bow down!

We launched on Saturday morning at 10AM sharp . Actually i lie.. I got a call at 7AM that some exercise group were at the gates asking why we weren’t open and they heard about this last night and wanted to ryde (yes i like spelling it like that so get used to it)

The event itself beyond belief and we were truly humbled by the outpouring of support and actual physical beings.. We stopped counting around 170! As Abuja veterans we feel we know everyone who’s everyone that lives here… boy were we wrong!

As with every new idea in the marketplace you can face immense ridicule or worse ; complete rejection. We had none of these. Incredibly nothing went wrong. Its weird even now as i write this that we went through an opening braced for every possibility and the biggest problem we faced was overcrowding for each class. We originally planned to run back to back classes for 45 minutes each but quickly realized we had to scale down to 20 minutes to accommodate everyone. 5 hours later it was quickly over and we were done; Rydefit was live. From concept to delivery to launch ; out in the open and ready for everything.

Very aware  our limited experience with actually running an indoor cycling studio we ran not just a free day but a free week to iron out kinks and understand our brand new audience.

Classes were rammed full! Literally! Each class had a waiting list and incredible feedback on the little parts that truly make or break any business.

You can watch the video here ;

We are all learning. From bike set up to class completion we want to do something special.

And we will.

Again its we.. not i.. Not us.. We!


January 5, 2017


The bikes are here. Gleaming and beautiful with that new rubber smell. They are here. 30 beautiful beasts with 2016 specs and looking like money! ( or horses… in my mind they are also horses to ryde into the sunset with!)

It’s interesting how you plan something in your head and tell everyone plus their dog about it then it’s suddenly here. Working on the name with the Mrs and my man Rahman coming up with a killer location, Banjoko helping with research and finding the perfect brand and official distributor. Funlola sending all that critical research from the graduate paper.

They are here.

Like I mentioned earlier I’m a fairly seasoned entrepreneur ( a very abused word if you ask me) so I’m no longer easily excited; but seeing these bikes all lined up I realised for a quick second we might be on to something here. After a few failed businesses you get a nose for what’s fleetingly possible and what’s just plain nonsense.

The lights, music, candles, air conditioning all in place. Now the most delicate dance of all… moulding the brand. Bringing everyone in and delivering over and above the clients needs. Feeling the market and adjusting the product so you lead your market and it doesn’t lead you.

This blog is probably not as carefree as I usually write and maybe that’s because the time is here. Enough talking now it’s time for walking ( yes yes I hear you say spinning! ).

The mission is simple. To become the leading indoor cycling studio brand in Africa. Simple.

The work is not. It will be brutal and hard and rough and we will fail more than we will succeed but we will stay on mission.

One day we will complete our 1000th ride and then 1,000,000.

So… they are here and our first class will be on Saturday the 14th of January 2017 at 10AM. Wish us luck. Thank you; wherever and whoever you are for your support. The road is long but we are on it.



Remember you can stay in touch with us across social media @rydefit. And yes we are everywhere. Even our unwatched youtube channel! <img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-4196″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”img_20170103_171818″ width=”300″ height=”300″ />

October 16, 2016

So… we had our first aerobics class last week.

I’ll write that again. We had our first aerobics class last week.

From thought to execution; we had our first class.

Was it the first class I wanted? Not exactly. I always thought that would be spinning but as you can tell the bikes haven’t arrived yet so we decided to get some sweat on the floor and since the aerobics room is ready. Why not.

I’m a seasoned entrepreneur so my excitement/joy could roughly be measured at 6 out of 10. Note I said seasoned not jaded. In the seasoning of me I’ve learnt that it’s all possible so I didn’t go bright eyed and bushy tailed to the first class. I went looking for glitches and mistakes with a clear head and just enough excitement so the team see’s what we have to do. What we have to build. People often forget that the longer and more important word in ‘show business’…. is business.

Anyways I digress. So our class was in partnership with body by sese. A certified fitness instructor who we plan to work with for a long time because in the new world everyone has a good idea so you have to differentiate yourself… in execution.

The class was focused on core exercises and we wanted to test the sound system, spacing, air conditioning. In all this we wouldn’t have yet be able to test the sign in process or after sales of water/fitness supplements etc etc.

Best part about the entire class. She had no complaints. Not one. Oh well except one 🙂 we didn’t have the baskets for dirty towels after class. I found that truly funny because for all our attention to detail we missed that completely. Needless to say the baskets are in place. Colour coordinated and ready for all the dirty towels to come.

So in conclusion.. we had our first class and we are very proud. I often say ‘we’ because unless you’re a stuntman, author or a musician most successful businesses are a group effort. From the person at the gate all the way up.

We have hundreds of classes to go, heights to achieve and failures to manage.

Next stop… spinning. The heart of rydefit and the thing we want to build. I can’t wait to share the video and if your aren’t already following us; please do across social media. We are everywhere @rydefit.

We are here to push everyone that loves indoor cycling and wants to ryde in an exciting, safe environment with competition and perfection as our mandate. This is not your grandads spin class. This is Rydefit….

What’s is our profession? AWUUUUUUUUUU!

August 4, 2016

face10_face10_646966390_10153831604336391                      First blog post and we are buzzing. Rydefit was born out of a love of spinning, inadequate spinning facilities, boredom and of course what we believe is a genuine business opportunity.

Why Rydefit? Well cause SpinCity as a business name was taken. By a laundry (insert mild laughter). So we went back into our beautiful minds and behold… Rydefit was born. Originally called Ryde… we felt it needed a kick and voila we made it Rydefit.

So introductions aside we set about researching bikes (who knew Chwinns were the Ferraris of the indoor cycling world!? 2300 USD per bike…. eh… NO!), dived deep into market leaders and everything we could possible soak up about spinning. It’s one thing to love spinning and another thing entirely to start your own studio. Weeks spent understanding (or so we think!) how different brands developed their styles and more importantly seeking our own way in the constantly spinning world of eh… Spinning! (see what I did there!)

So we did the easiest thing first. Got a logo…. very nice if we say so ourselves. Decided to start with spinner bikes (it’s not the price we swear! ) then an amazing stroke of fortune… a friend of Rydefit mentioned he’d seen a location that ‘might’ be good for us. He was dead wrong! It was PERFECT!

We went in. Closed the rent. Set about setting up.

So that’s where we are. Bikes inbound. Setup moving quickly.  Templates in place and pre publicity buzzing!

So like everything new, our time in the sun is coming. Let’s see how bright we shine.

This is your captain speaking. Over and out!

We spin as ONE! Awuuuuuuuuuuu!